AWS Lambda 2016 - The Complete Guide (With Hands On Labs) Review

This course will teach the student a lot of specific insights, the program of the course allows the students to be focused, engaged and gives them a chance to complete the course in a goal oriented manner working at their own pace. The lessons have a smooth flow and progression which is great since all the key concepts will naturally be retained. The course it's explained in a way that outlines the most important concepts that should be retained in order to build understanding of coming explanations.

The instructor has an easy to grasp way of explaining things, the course it's ideal for visual learners and people who could do a brief recap of what was previously discussed in order to progress into the following chapters. The instructor is also using comparisons and analogies so it's easier to follow and digest the course material.

Inspiring and motivational course, one of the top reviewed courses on Udemy with a large audience and student base. Easy to understand concepts, this course will take you from a basic perspective to an advanced progression on the subject with videos you can follow at your own pace to allow some concepts to sit in.

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