What is an online course?

An online course is a new way of learning about various topics. An online course typically uses video content to better guide the students through the syllabus and provides a more immersive learning experience. The tutor will typically create multiple recordings which would be bundled together into the actual course. This course is then usually available to the students on a on-demand basis. This makes the content accessible from anywhere at any time and gives the tutor the option to update separate parts of the course whenever needed by simply creating and uploading a new video session.

Who are the tutors of online courses?

A tutor can be anyone from actual university professors to niche/industry experts that have experience in the given area. The nature of online courses and their availability make it so that anyone with enough knowledge and teaching ability can become an online course tutor.

What is a course review?

A course review is summary of the whole online course experience. It can be as simple as user feedback left for the tutor and other potential students to review, or a more complex assessment of the structure, experience and syllabus of the online course. On CourseProbe.com we provide you with a unique course review for each topic written by one of our industry experts, who reviews the course and summarizes it into a simple and comprehensible written suggestion for any potential student to review.

How does the online course industry work?

As with anything, there is a difference in the quality of available online courses. Many online courses are free and usually serve as a “gateway” for tutors to introduce the topic, rather than explain and provide an all around lecture on the given subject. To access quality content students are usually required to subscribe to the lecture and pay a small fee. These can be fees to either access the whole course provider platform (such as Skillshare) or can be bundled as pay-per-course schemes, where the user pays only for each course that he/she decides to study (such as Udemy). Most of the online course are available on a on-demand basis, meaning that they are not delivered as live courses or webinars.

Do online courses offer any type of certification?

Yes, quite often there are certifications available for students of online courses. These certifications can hold authority with particular institutions, but are subject to review on a course-by-course, platform-by-platform basis.

What do I need to get started with an online course?

Usually all materials are provided from within the online course interface. These can include video content, PDFs, documents and supporting files, examples and exercises. The student is typically required to have a PC/smartphone and an internet connection as the courses are usually accessible online via cloud service platform. If you are interested in any topic, we suggest researching courses on our website through our easy to navigate categories. Once you find a course that you would be interested in simply click the link and you will be redirected to the course provider page where you can enrol. Thanks for considering CourseProbe.com.

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